Recommend today

A little tired but would still like to recommend something I like.

Do you know who is fancy? We can enjoy music videos from YouTube, including three versions. This person has some relevant with Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. But I think it’s a melodic song, recommend!

If you are preparing for IELTS Exam, you should deserve it. It’s useful to your speaking parts, with which you can accumulate phrases that native speakers will use in daily life,  recommend!

Excellent application and music today

I was moved by this song, fxxk you. This one was recommended by花田fm. Got a long list of ex lovers, they’ll tell you I’m insane, so just listening to this song: f u c k u  

Application time:

Casts , which is a kind of podcasts app. You can subscribe any podcasts that you like. The most important thing is synchronization, with which we can use web app to listen at the same part of episodes.

Just enjoy yourself!



Music&App recommendations are juicy

I’m that kind of person who would like to recommend something, on which I really have a good experience. In fact different people have their own tastes, however, if you trust me and wanna take a step ahead, you maybe go through a fresh day that you never imagined before.

From now on, I will recommend a song and an application which I am really into, as a PhD candidate, even though I don’t have so much time to focus on this stuff, at least I’d like to try my best. I will not only show the song and application, but also I will share the experience why and where I was brainwashed by them.

Saturday,28th March. One Song: I’m not the only one, from Sam Smith. Remember the days in San Francisco, when I came into a shopping mall or restaurant, I was always keen on the BMG (background music) of them, through which I found the pop icons at least in San Francisco at that time. Two songs were repeated all the time all the time, they were blank space from Taylor Swift and this song, big hit! It’s a highlight of Sam’s album and the lyrics are moving. 

  Then the application: Fantastical  


These figures show everything and the notification is also cool and useful, if you’re a productivity guy, just try it without hesitation, it’s 40% off now.